REJECTED: Michigan Man Attempts To Pay Fine In Pennies

Note to self: when you want to tick off the government, don't use pennies as a form of revenge. 

A Michigan man's attempt to pay his $270 fine in pennies is not going over in the city of Jackson.  

The city fined Brian McGonegal for having rubbish in his yard in 2016.  McGonegal says the fine was outrageous... so he decided to retaliate by being just as outrageous, himself.  

McGonegal trucked more than 2,700 pennies to Jackson City Hall to make his first $27 dollar installment on the fine.  He admits he tried to make it more tedious for city workers by entering City Hall at five minutes before closing time with his loose pennies.  

City officials say they don't have to accept pennies for payments unless they're rolled or he pays to have them rolled.  

Even the U.S. Mint chimed in, saying cities are not obligated to accept fines paid in pennies.

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