BREAKING: Singer Phil Collins Hospitalized

Singer Phil Collins has been hospitalized and has postponed his tour after falling and hitting his head, according to a statement on his Facebook page Thursday.

The post explains Collins suffers from ‘drop foot’ as a result of a back operation which makes it difficult to walk. 

Collins, 66, woke in the middle of the night, slipped in his hotel room and hit his head in the fall on a chair. 

He was taken to hospital where he had stitches for a severe gash on his head close to his eye. He will be kept under observation for 24 hours.

The post states that Collins is recovering well. 

He postponed performances on his tour, the "Not Dead Yet Live Tour," that were scheduled for Thursday and Friday at Royal Albert Hall in London. Those were rescheduled for November 26 and 27.

Collins is expected to resume his tour on Sunday in Germany, then perform in Paris before returning to London for a performance on June 30.

Collins came to fame as the lead singer and drummer for the British band Genesis, before going on to success as a solo artist.

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