Former Seminole Chief Seeking To Grow Medical Marijuana On Native American Land

A former Seminole Tribe leader is seeking to grow medical marijuana on Native American land in Florida. 

Former Seminole Tribe Chief James Billie announced Tuesday that his company, MCW, is joining forces with a Nevada-based cannabis firm with the goal of assisting tribes around the country in establishing medical marijuana operations on protected tribal lands.  

Billie predicts the legal weed business will eventually rival gaming as an economic engine for Native American tribes.

The announcement foreshadows the eventual establishment of new medical cannabis players in Florida operating under tribal ownership, outside the current limitations on state licenses. For the time being, Billie says the partnership will focus on tribes outside of Florida to find partners and set up operations. They will begin by focusing in on California. 

Regulations on medical marijuana in Florida are expected to be codified by the state's Department of Health by July 3rd.

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