Florida Woman Gives Birth To 13.5-Pound Baby!

A Florida woman has given birth to a nearly 14-pound baby!

Christine Corbitt says she knew her tummy was undeniably huge as she approached the end of her pregnancy, but she had no idea just how big her daughter, Carleigh Brooke Corbitt, was until her delivery via C-section on May 15.

Corbitt says her first two babies were 9- and 10-pounds, so she figured the newest addition to her family wouldn’t be more than that.

But she recalls hearing laughter as the doctor delivered the baby in Orange Park, adding it "looked like they pulled a toddler out of my belly." 

Husband Larry Corbitt says the diapers they had on hand didn't even fit the newborn! He says she's already in size 3 diapers (a size designated for babies 16-28 pounds, according to Diaper-Sizes.org) at less than 1-month-old. 

The baby's due date wasn't until May 20 or 21, so she would have been even bigger had she not arrived early.

The parents say their baby girl is "gorgeous."

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