AWKWARD: Jerry Seinfeld Completely Rejects Pop Star Ke$ha (WATCH)

Apparently, comedian Jerry Seinfeld is not a hugger, and he let pop star Ke$ha know it before a star-studded charity event in Washington Monday.

Video shows Ke$ha interrupting an interview Seinfeld was doing with a local news reporter ahead of the “Night of Laughter & Song” event at the Kennedy Center. The singer wanted a hug from the comedian, but Seinfeld repeatedly declined, backing off and telling her, “no thanks.”

Defeated, Ke$ha walks away quickly while Seinfeld and the reporter laugh. Then, Seinfeld tells the reporter he “didn’t know who that was.” After being told it was Ke$ha, he said that he wished her the best.

The singer didn't seem too disheartened though. She posted on Twitter Tuesday that she has "lots to smile about."

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