Statistics Show Dramatic Increase In Workplace Shootings

Government statistics show fatal workplace shootings are increasing, and experts say revenge is often the motive. 

The most recent records by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show workplace homicides have risen by 2 percent, to 417 cases in 2015. Shootings have increased by 15 percent during the same period. The 354 shootings in 2015 represent the first increase since 2012. 

Experts say identifying people with "concerning behavior" is key. 

An official with the security firm Hillard Heintze, Matthew W. Doherty, says that means setting up an "interdisciplinary threat assessment team." 

The idea is to look at and perhaps track workers who had been terminated or suspended.

Monday, an employee fired from an awning factory in Orlando returned Monday and shot to death five people before killing himself.

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