Miami-Dade and Broward County Urge Residents to 'Drain and Cover'

When the wet weather in South Florida passes, it's important to make sure you protect yourself from mosquito bites.

Don't forget to 'Drain and Cover.'  Frank Calderon with Miami-Dade Solid Waste Management says that's the message the county wants you to remember to keep mosquitoes from multiplying.

"Mosquitoes will breed in the least obvious places, the last place you think of that could hold water, you're going to find mosquitoes breeding there," said Calderon.

Anh Ton with Broward County Mosquito Control says the type of mosquito to multiply from standing water left behind is the Aedes aegypti, the breed of mosquitoes that carry viruses like Zika.

"They bite all day long, unlike other types of mosquitoes that bite at dusk and dawn," said Ton.

Officials in Miami-Dade and Broward County agree it's important to continue to drain standing water around your home throughout our rainy season.

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