Uber Driver Arrested For Robbing Customer Of Gold Chain

An Uber driver was arrested after Pinellas County Deputies say he robbed a passenger.  

Jared Combs and his friend were allegedly getting dropped off outside a Palm Harbor home early Sunday morning. But Uber driver, 28-year-old Alexander Troy, claimed Combs did not pay his fare.  

Alexander Troy, Credit: PCSO

Troy allegedly got out of his car and ran after the men, claiming they canceled their fare and didn't pay. Combs then allegedly tried showing the driver their receipt, but instead of calming down, he says the driver ripped his pricey gold chain his friend was wearing off, then drove away.

Pinellas County deputies arrested Troy at his house in Clearwater a short time later. The gold chain was still in his car. He's now charged with strong arm robbery.

Pinellas County deputies say they verified Jared and the friend had paid for their Uber ride. 

Troy was released from jail later Sunday on a surety bond. 

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