Police Confiscate $4 Million In Assault Rifles From Miami, Rio de Jainero Flight

Police in Brazil have confiscated 60 automatic rifles found Thursday in a cargo shipment from Miami to Rio de Janeiro, arresting four people in the process.

The weapons were discovered in a container along with pool heaters in the cargo area of a passenger plane. In total, the weapons are estimated to be worth more than $4 million. In addition to the four arrests, a Brazilian citizen is being investigated by officials in Miami.

The haul, which included 45 AK-47s, 14 AR10 rifles, AR-15s and a G3 rifle, is part of what officials call "the biggest seizure in a decade in Rio state".

Police officials said in a news conference they plan to use the seized weapons because the state government is struggling with its budget.

In the last 150 days, 250 rifles have been seized in Rio de Janeiro. Officials say a national pact needs to be put in place to combat the use of firearms. 

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