Chipotle Announces Nearly 3 Dozen South Florida Locations Possibly Affected By Hack

Chipotle Mexican Grill says customers who ate at any of its 33 locations in South Florida may have had their credit card information stolen as part of a nationwide hack. 

A Chipotle statement Wednesday says the company has completed an investigation into a hack that found malware designed to access payment card information from cards used at Chipotle restaurants between March 24, 2017, and April 18, 2017. The investigation was first announced April 25. 

The malware was retrieving track data from the magnetic strip on cards, which can include the card number, expiration date, verification code and sometimes the cardholder name, the company said.

A complete list of locations impacted can be found here. At that link, you can also search for the Chipotle location you frequent and access a time span of when the hacking may have impacted that location. 

Customers can also call Chipotle at 888-738-0534 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., according to the statement.

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