Broward Humane Society Pup Gets A New Leash On Life As Service Dog

This special pup is getting a new "leash" on life. 

An animal worker found something special in Stella, a 1-year-old dog that was returned several times to Broward County Humane Society. Stella is said to have so much energy that several families who adopted her have returned her. 

But a representative with the National Disaster Search Foundation flew to Fort Lauderdale to meet the labrador-retriever mix, and found something special in her "rambunctiousness." 

After Stella impressed the representative, they put the pup through some tests, like a simulated disaster where she sped through the rubble and found every tennis ball with ease.

The foundation, based in Santa Paula, California, then decided to take her in and will train her as part of their search and rescue program.

Stella flew to Cali. Wednesday to begin training. Following that, she will go through training for about eight to 10 months before being paired with a handler.

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