Dry = High? What Florida's Weather Could Mean For Your Grocery Bill

Dry weather conditions in Florida are impacting the price of various products at the grocery store, including some produce and meats. 

Cattle farmers have been spending more money on supplemental cattle feed due to the fact that the grass has been drying up and in limited supply. Farmers across Southwest Florida are feeling the effects -- in areas where conditions have sparked fires in the past few weeks. 

With the dry conditions and more expensive cattle maintenance, prices are being driven up in supermarkets. 

However, farmers are also experiencing an increase of tomatoes, as some farmers say conditions are ideal for growing crops. Though some may say that too ideal, as it’s pushing prices for tomatoes down.

While some ranchers are holding out hope for more rain, tomato farmers believe this season has gone just right.

The weather patterns have created a see-saw market for farmers in South Florida. 

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