Trump Denounces "Ridiculous" 100-Day Standard in Tweet

Donald Trump has already expressed his feelings on the "ridiculous" standard for judging his first 100 days in office. 

The president's 100-day mark, which rolls around on April 29, pinpoints a crucial point in the course of his role as Commander in Chief. What has Trump accomplished? Has he kept to his word? Has he completely switched course? Are you even impressed with what he has done thus far?

Regardless what you or anyone may think, Donald already took to Twitter Friday to more or less denounce you, calling the 100-day marker a ridiculous standard by which to judge his record. 

He also added that the media would “kill” him no matter how many accomplishments he has made.

In our opinion, the tweet is a way to combat negative media ahead of an attack of Trump's "short list" of successes. I mean, for starters, the president has already been forced to watch his health care plans fail in Congress and his immigration executive orders halted by federal judges. Ouch. 

In his tweet, Trump pointed to “S.C”, which we see likely to be a reference to the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, this may be the only thing he has done **which also had noted speed bumps along the road of accomplishment** and when his hundredth day rolls around, that will ultimately be clear. 

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