Another Plea For Help To Find Missing Doral Mom and Daughter

It has been nearly a year since Liliana and Daniela Moreno were reported missing and their relatives as well as investigators working the case are asking the public to come forward with any information which may assist the case.

The Columbian native and her then-eight year old daughter were reported missing on May 30th of last year when the girl's father alerted her family and investigators from the City of Doral entered their home to find freshly made food as well as Liliana's purse, wallet and car keys.

Doral Detective Pedros Corpas says that Moreno's car was still in the driveway as well and there were signs that someone tried to leave in a hurry. Soon after, Miami-Dade Police Detectives joined the case and have since secured phone records and surveillance videos but they want to talk to interview more people, hoping that generates new leads.

"Everybody here believes that there's more people that know something," said City or Doral Councilwoman Claudia Mariaca, who knew the Moreno's since she was the PTA President at Daniela's school. "This wonderful family didn't just disappear and vanish into thin air."

The father of Daniela Moreno, Gustavo Castano, is a person of interest in the case and while investigators say he has been cooperative with them, members of the Moreno family say he has not returned calls from them since his initial contact to report Liliana and their daughter were missing.

Police have searched several areas and waterways since last June and interviewed other people, but are remaining tight-lipped about many details of their investigation since the case is still open.

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