Seth Rogen Says He's Done More Research on Killing Kim Jong Un Than Trump Has

Last week, President Trump said that he hadn’t realized how difficult it would be to disarm North Korea until he spoke to Chinese President Xi Jinping at his Mar-A-Lago resort. “After listening for 10 minutes, I realized it’s not so easy,” Trump confessed to the Wall Street Journal.

But do we really understand just how confused Donald Trump is? Because, apparently, he doesn't even seem to know who is leading the country at all. 

Speaking to Fox News about rising tensions with Pyongyang, Trump repeatedly referred to “the gentleman” leading North Korea as an individual who had persistently outwitted U.S. administration after administration, at least as far back as the Clinton era of the 1990s.

As it appears, Trump seems to be implying that all administrations since the Clinton era have dealt with the same leader. But Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s current leader, only took power in 2011. He took the reins after the death of his father, Kim Jong Il, earlier that same year. The Clinton's dealt with Kim Jong II and his predecessor, Kim II Sung. 

In conclusion, the “gentleman” that Trump speaks is arguably three gentlemen.

Putting the pres on blast, New York Time and MTV News reporter pointed out the oblivion via Twitter:

And to add fuel to the fire, funny guy Seth Rogen, who is no fan of Trump's and has no problem expressing it, responded to Ana's tweet Monday saying he thinks that he did more research on killing Jim Jong Un for his movie The Interview than Trump has on actually doing it.

The Interview, was Rogen’s 2014 movie with James Franco about killing Jong Un. 

However, after hackers’ threatened to attack the New York City premiere, its widespread release was cancelled. The film was available through streaming a short time after and still screened at a limited number of theaters. 

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