Miami Beach's Lincoln Road Will Illuminate In Rainbow Colors For Pride Festivities

One of Miami Beach's most iconic promenades will light up in LGBTQ colors Thursday night. 

Lincoln Road will "flip the switch" with PULSE Nightclub survivor Mario Perez at 8:40 p.m. Thursday evening to light the promenade in rainbow hues. Pre-celebrations begin at 8:20 p.m.

Using 3-D projection technology, designs set in Pride’s signature colors will illuminate the facades of 407 & 1111 Lincoln in collaboration with “Pride Lights the Night.” The display will pay tribute to the victims of PULSE and their families, as well as send a message of support to the entire LGBT community.

The actual Pride festival runs April 7-9. This marks just one celebration that will take place throughout the weekend. 

In addition to the lights, hundreds of colored plastic balls will be placed inside the water fountains on Lincoln Road.

“Lincoln Road is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive community that celebrates creativity, individuality and equality; and we are very excited to contribute to Miami Beach Gay Pride this and every year,” shares Ivannia Van Arman, executive director of the Lincoln Road Business Improvement District.

For more information regarding the entire Miami Beach Gay Pride festivities, visit

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