Ruling to prohibit street vendors at All Star Game

Miami Dade Commissioners are gearing up for the 2017 Major League Baseball All star game.  

The Commission is considering an ordinance creating so called “clean zones” prohibiting certain activities around Marlins Park and satellite events.    The legislation targets counterfeiters and ticket scalpers, and prohibits street vendors.  However, the law doesn’t affect those licensed to sell food and drinks.  

    The “clean zones” have become somewhat controversial drawing law suits from the ACLU saying ordinances like these give a private sports league authority over public permits and violate the First Amendment.  However, the “clean zones” seem to be standard practice for major sporting events nationwide.  Miami’s proposal requires that any exceptions to the temporary prohibitions be signed off on by the City and Major League baseball.

     Mayor Tomas Regalado says that the law was not made will have a minimum effect on the locals. He says that  the ordinance is primarily aimed at counterfeiters, scalpers and outsiders coming in from around the country selling knock-offs

Photo credit Rob Foldy Getty Images

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