U.S. Army Recruiting Will See Historic Mission Increase

6,000 active duty recruits and 1,500 army reserve recruits are needed by the end of September.  The increase is a result of the National Defense Authorization Act signed by President Barack Obama.

Lieutenant Colonel Harold Miller with the U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion Miami says it's a historic mission increase nationwide as well as here in southeastern Florida, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  He says its a challenge they're ready to take on.  "What we want to do is present opportunities for folks that otherwise cannot afford college.  This is an opportunity for them to do that.  If they want to better themselves and do something that is honorable and challenging, join the military."

Miller says the army standards for quality will not change with the mission increase.  The Army has added $200 million in incentive bonuses. In addition they have opened enlistment to those who have previously served and increased the number of two-year enlistment opportunities. 

(Photo credit: Mark Boster)

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