Florida ranks Third in Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is on the rise in the country with Florida having the third most cases. The National Human Trafficking Hotline reports show there were 75-hundred cases in 2016, up from 55-hundred in 2015.  Florida had more than 500 cases.California, Texas and Florida topped the list in 2015 as well.

State attorney, Kathryn Fernandez Rundle says that more cases are being prosecuted and additional services have been made available to victims, some as young as 12.   She credits the action of the community and non-profits working together that has led to the prosecution of 500 cases.  Rundle adds that safe homes, more victim advocates, and an increase in mental health and medical services play a key role in addressing the problem.   Rundle says, "We also need a million eyes.  With the help of the community in recognizing the signs of human trafficking, together we can combat this scourge."

To report incidents and for more information on the signs of human trafficking click here

Photo credit: Hoang Dinh Nam

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