Florida Democrats Propose Equal Pay For Equal Work Law

If democratic lawmakers in Tallahassee get their way, the pay gap between men and women in the Sunshine State will be a thing of the past.

The legislation would make it illegal for employers to pay women less than men who work in the same positions.

Representative Janet Cruz has unsuccessfully sponsored similar bills each of the past three years, and is leading the charge in the State House this year.

The House Democratic leader says the gender gap is real and studies have shown Florida women are only making 87 cents on the dollar compared to male counterparts.

"Ensuring that every mother, aunt, wife, sister, aunt, and daughter earns equal pay for equal work not only strengthens American working families, but its the right damn thing to do," Cruz said.

Republican leaders have, in the past, blocked the legislation from getting a hearing.

Photo Credit: iHeartMedia


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