Today Marks 20 Year Anniversary Of Rickia Issac's Shooting Death

Today marks 20 years since Rickia Issac was killed by a stray bullet in Miami.  The Rickia Issac Foundation is holding a memorial today in honor of the 5-year-old who was killed when a stray bullet struck her at the Martin Luther King Jr. Parade in 1997.

Spokesperson Reverend Jerome Starling says they continue to work to keep gun violence off our streets. "We've collected over 2,273 guns , we hold educational seminars in different schools, we've also given out scholarships over the last four years in the community."

Rev. Starling says although a lot has been accomplished since Issac's death, there's more to be done. "We gotta have a strong educational component put in place to reduce gun violence and give more mental education to people within the community."

The memorial is being held today at noon on 19th Avenue and 62nd Street in Miami where Issac was shot.

(Photo credit: AFP)

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