Presidential Inauguration Optional At South Florida's Schools

Many schools around the nation will not be showing today's Presidential Inauguration in their classrooms. Here in Miami-Dade and Broward  it will be up to teachers to determine if they show it.  

 Miami-Dade County School District Social Science Director Robert Brazofsky says although it's not a requirement, they've encouraged teachers to make it a learning experience for students.  "We produced a guide to help teachers encourage students to research the history of the inauguration, the tradition of the peaceful transfer of power  and we produced some activities for students to listen to the inauguration."

Brazofsky says despite a controversial election season, this is a historic moment students should witness. "Our country;s tradition of a peaceful transfer of power is very admirable.  I would like our students to be instilled with that idea so I think the tradition, it's very important to respect and honor that tradition."

The Broward County School District is also not requiring teachers to show the Presidential Inauguration.

(Photo credit: Getty Images North America)

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