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South Florida’s 1st News With Andrew Colton

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Florida Tops Country's Most Dangerous Beaches List

Holiday Sunbathers Wary After Florida Panhandle Shark Attacks

Photo: Spencer Platt / Getty Images News / Getty Images

A new study conducted by Simmrin Law reveals the most dangerous beaches in the United States are all in Florida.

Experts at Simmrin Law recently looked into different criteria, such as hurricane strikes, shark attacks and surf zone fatalities (such as rip currents) to come up with a list of America’s most dangerous beaches.

Topping the list is New Smyrna Beach, known as “the shark bite capital of the world” with at least 185 shark attacks over the years.

Number two is Panama City Beach, which has been the site of an unusually high number of drownings and lightning strikes.

According to the study, nine people have drowned in the past week alone, and 17 people fatally struck by lightning in 2023.

Daytona Beach ranks number three, followed by Miami Beach, Cocoa Beach and Ormond Beach checks in a number six, followed by Ponce Inlet, Indialantic Beach and Melbourne Beach, per Simmrin.

And rounding out the top 10 is Miramar Beach near Destin, says Michael Simmrin.

"While shark attacks often grab headlines, Florida's beaches rank so high due to the ever-present hurricane risk," he says. "Hurricanes create dangerous rip currents and storm surge, raising the overall risk for beachgoers.”

Simmrin Law says it used three factors to come up with the list including hurricanes, surf zone fatalities and shark attacks.

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