South Florida’s 1st News With Andrew Colton

South Florida’s 1st News With Andrew Colton

You likely saw Andrew Colton reporting live from many of the major events that have shaped our world, including the Pentagon on 9/11, the crash of...Full Bio


Extreme Summer Heat Can Damage, Shut Down your Smartphone


Photo: NIHARIKA KULKARNI / AFP / Getty Images

Your smartphone may be feeling the record-breaking summer heat just as much as you.

Extreme heat can damage your phone so smartphones, like iPhones and Androids will change behavior and temporarily disable some features or the phone may shut down completely to prevent loss of battery life or damage.

If a temperature warning screen appears, turn the phone off, move it to a cooler environment away from direct sunlight and allow it to cool down.

Also, avoid using your phone in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Don't leave your device in a parked hot car.

Remove your phone case because some can trap heat and add to the problem.

Finally, lower the power mode which disables some background activity.

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