South Florida’s 1st News With Andrew Colton

South Florida’s 1st News With Andrew Colton

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Is Florida the Future Las Vegas if Gambling Laws Pass Legal Muster?

Blurred defocused background of roulette at casino saloon - Gambling concept with unfocused game room with video poker slot machines and multicolored blurry lights

Photo: ViewApart / iStock / Getty Images

(Hollywood, Fla) - Barring legal action, gambling could turn Florida into Vegas with a beach.

That's what FIU tourism instructor Mychal Milian says about the impact gambling could have on the state.

Depending on what the Florida Supreme Court decides, people could soon be betting, in person, on sports, craps and roulette.

Milian expects tourists will be drawn to the state and pack hotels and casinos.

FAU hospitality associate professor Peter Ricci also expects Florida to benefit from gambling tourism.

He says Vegas will probably remain the most popular destination, but Florida can rival the smaller casino destinations like Atlantic City or Biloxi.

Ricci tells the South Florida Sun Sentinel that Florida is better, prettier and already has a much better tourism infrastructure.

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