Texas Police Chief Caught Online In Love Quadrangle

A Facebook user does not recommend the City of Stinnett, Texas.

Cecily Steinmetz went online to reveal that Stinnett Police Chief Jason Collier is living a triple life.

Steinmetz claims she was Chief Collier's girlfriend and accuses him of showing fake documents that proved his marriage was annulled. She even posted the Facebook pictures to prove it.

Steinmetz went on to say that she discovered Chief Collier had a second woman on the side. Her Facebook story goes on to claim that Collier proposed to both other women.

The online evidence is ugly. In September, Collier went on Facebook to wish his wife a happy anniversary saying "I fall short daily of being the Godly husband."

Making things worse for the 41-year-old Collier, the two other women started comparing notes to determine when he was traveling to different cities and making excuses about why he couldn't see them.

The four-sided Love Square is now the subject of an internal investigation. The city put out a statement saying it is taking the allegations seriously and will look into any violations of city policy. Chief Collier is on administrative leave.

Online, there are calls to turn Collier's story into a movie for Netflix or Lifetime.

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