Shaman Steals the Show at Capitol Riot

The shirtless guy with the pelts and horns seen storming the United States Senate on Wednesday is widely known as the QAnon Shaman.

Jake Angeli was photographed repeatedly during the riot, standing out from the crowd with his wild get-up and his red, white, and blue face paint.

Angeli is an active figure in the QAnon movement, frequently appearing at rallies in support of President Trump and challenging the election results.

Newsweek reported:

On November 5, two days after Election Day, Angeli was at a protest dressed in his usual horned hat, draped in a "Q" flag and holding a sign reading "Q sent me."
While addressing the crowd, Angeli says that "regardless of the illusions that the media would like to paint, the lies that what we're doing is ineffective and that we are 'violent'-all of this is black magic.
"If you really look into the elite and what they're into, they are into black magic." Angeli then spouts a conspiracy theory that the CIA was infiltrated by the Nazis, who then went on to infiltrate the media.

It's unclear if Angeli will be charged for breaking into the Senate chambers.

Image courtesy Getty