Cooped Up People Pursue Retail Therapy

More of us are doing impulse shopping while cooped up at home.

According to a new study, average monthly spending on impulse items in January was $155. By April, that number was up to almost $183, an increase of 18%.

The research commissioned by Slickdeals also found the average American has treated themselves to a $153 purchase since the pandemic began. Another 27% said they dropped at least $200 on a single item since the shutdown began in March.

Almost three in four (72%) respondents said that their coronavirus impulse buys have helped them feel better. Many (65%) even indicated that the right purchase can turn a bad day into a success.
Some are still buying more traditionally fun goods, though. Other impulse buys reported by participants included clothes (22%), video games (20%), books (17%), and headphones (18%). Also, 21% said they’ve recently bought themselves something they’ve had their eye on for awhile.
Impulse shopping is commonly looked at as a waste of money, more than half of the respondents challenged this notion by stating their quick buying decisions actually saved them money in the long-run. Moreover, 52% will always take advantage of a sale or deal than pay full price.

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