People Feel Too Old To Work Out

Lots of Americans say they feel "too old" to go to the gym. A survey of 2,000 people found 40% of the respondents said they feel aged-out of pumping iron.

According to the survey, most felt they were too old to work out regularly once they hit the age of 41.

While lots of people feel too old to hit the guy, 42% said it was their busy schedules that prevented them from fulfilling their New Year's resolution.

From "According to the survey, conducted on behalf of the fitness app Freeletics, Americans will take advantage of any excuse to get out of a workout, including “the weather is too bad” (33%). Humorously, another 10% admitted to skipping a workout because the weather was too nice. An additional 23% said they’ve used eating too much as an excuse, and 15% actually used Netflix as an excuse to skip the gym."

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