Biden Makes Creepy Remarks In Speech

Joe Biden biting his wife's finger is the least-creepy thing that happened on the campaign trail this weekend.

A 2017 video resurfaced over the long holiday weekend that shows Biden talking about his time working as a lifeguard as a kid. The video shows the former vice president, surrounded by children, detailing the lessons he learned from the black community in the area surrounding the aquatic center.

The speech was recorded on June 26, 2017 at the Joseph R. Biden Jr. Aquatic Center dedication in Delaware.

Meanwhile, Biden inexplicably leaned forward and chomped down on his wife's finger as she spoke during a campaign stop in Iowa on Saturday. Dr. Jill Biden was introducing her husband and while waving her hands, almost hit him in the face several times. That's when he playfully bit down on her finger.

Right now, the Bidens are taking part in an eight-day bus tour ahead of the Iowa caucuses.

Image courtesy Getty

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