Why Isn't The Left Calling Anderson Cooper A Sexist or Misogynist?

By now you know that it's no secret how many media organizations are not only slanting their coverage against the Trump Administration, but some are showing outright hostility to the President and his staff.

The latest example is from CNN host Anderson Cooper, who could not hide his feelings when former Trump Campaign Manager and current Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway joined his show this week.


You have probably seen plenty of headlines about this interview and I bet the vast majority of them centered around how Cooper "hammered" Conway about the explanations Trump and his senior officials have given about James Comey's firing...even though what they have said is not nearly as inconsistent as the liberals running the mainstream media would try to have you believe. 

Why do they assume the Deputy Attorney General's recommendation and the fact that Trump planned to fire Comey anyway are mutually exclusive facts? You know how many people Trump has worked with over the years that he probably thought about axing and then officially canned them after someone else said to?

Here is the bigger question... what would have happened if a host on Fox News, The Blaze or any other outlet that is not in lockstep with the liberal elite media would have rolled his eyes midway through an answer while talking to a woman from the Obama Administration or the Clinton Campaign?

I am willing to bet you a case of Chianti that it would be the top story on networks like CNN and above the fold in the New York Times and Washington Post!

It's one thing when the libs show their selective outrage over what the President said a decade ago in a private setting and then you barely hear a peep about Stephen Colbert saying something just as vulgar which is purposefully broadcast on network TV... I can see the left hiding behind the "entertainer" label.

But surely all of the left would agree that Anderson Cooper is a journalist, even a well-respected one. So it's funny to me that we don't we hear anyone complaining about him being sexist or misogynist in how dismissive he was with Kellyanne, the woman who actually did break a glass ceiling in the 2016 election...

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