Mainstream Media Double Standard Continues With Colbert

We all enjoy a good laugh... I've been in college dorms, NFL locker rooms and plenty of other places where everyone gets a chuckle out of some raunchy humor.

But there's supposed to be a difference between your late night comedy club and programming deemed appropriate for network television, no? Apparently not long as the target of your vitriol is President Trump.


Can you imagine the outrage there would be if anyone had ever blasted President Obama with similar comments, including a reference to a gorilla? Or what if Hillary had gotten elected and someone ripped her with such scathing words? They would be out of a job before the snowflakes had a chance to organize another march.

I'm sure if anyone on the Fox News Channel or conservative talk radio made the type of homosexual reference that Colbert did regarding Trump and Vladimir Putin, there would be plenty of orchestrated pressure to take that person off the air... with networks like CBS airing full-blown four-alarm coverage of it.

So enjoy a good laugh but remember just how hypocritical liberals are... when it comes to what you can joke about or just about anything else.

(Photo credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

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