Hey, I missed you guys.

Welcome to the No Spin News on, a completely different experience than what you’ve had in the past. And everybody is listening this week, or can listen Monday through Thursday.

Next week we’ll go back to just Premium Members only for the No Spin News, a service for you. 

So, what we’re going to do here is about fifteen minutes, twelve minutes of the headlines. This is an extended Talking Points Memo that will cover the world each day.

And then as we develop the website, we’ll have guests and things like that, and this will become longer and longer and longer, into a genuine news program.

That’s the vision right now. 

I am sad that I’m not on television anymore. I was very surprised how it all turned out. I can’t say a lot, because there’s much stuff going on right now.

But I can tell you that I’m very confident the truth will come out, and when it does, I don’t know if you’re going to be surprised - but I think you’re going to be shaken, as I am. There’s a lot of stuff involved here. 

Now, I can’t say anymore because I just don’t want to influence the flow of the information. I don’t want the media to take what I say and misconstrue it. However you, as a loyal O’Reilly listener, have a right to know, I think, down the lane what exactly happened. And we are working in that direction, okay?

So, we are going to have a full week of news analysis here, and we’re going to read letters off the Message Boards. So, if you’re a Premium Member, that’s going to be like the Viewer Mail, the Message Boards. And I’ve got six letters that I’m going to read tonight.

And we’ll answer them honestly, as we always do. 

So, the Top Story that I want to tell you about, that I think is very interesting, is there are a couple of polls about President Trump today. One is the Washington Post, and they basically have Trump’s approval rating around 40%, 42%. His disapproval rating in the low 50s. 

All of the polls say the same thing: well, this is unprecedented, no president in his first hundred days polled this low.

But then they deceive, as the mainstream media does, on a daily basis.

No president has ever entered office with as much negative publicity and hatred directed toward him as Donald Trump. In the history of our republic, no president has come under that kind of withering criticism, particularly by the press that wanted Hillary Clinton to win. 

So, we expect it from the Democratic Party, and if the roles were reversed, the Republican Party would be slaughtering Hillary Clinton.

That’s what parties do.

But the press is supposed to be objective and certainly, certainly, they are not. They want to destroy Trump’s presidency. So, for him to poll in the low 40s favorable isn’t that bad!

But here’s the kicker: in the Washington Post poll, it says that if an election were held tomorrow, Donald Trump would still beat Hillary Clinton 43% to 40% in a hypothetical rematch tomorrow.

And only 2% of those who voted for Donald Trump regret their vote.

So, the president needs to be a little more... don’t react to these polls… a little more circumspect. The base, for him, is still there, and not discouraged. The majority of Americans still prefer him over Hillary Clinton to run the country. I mean, these are coming out of the Washington Post and liberal precincts. 

So it’s an interesting poll, fascinating poll. 

And I think that Donald Trump has calmed down a little bit as far as his tweeting and all that business, and that’s a good thing. Get stuff done - and we will get into that in a moment. 

Now, there are a couple of big stories this week, so I hope you stay with us on these broadcasts so you can stay up to date. The beauty of this is you can listen to it anytime; we’ll have it on It’s not appointment viewing as television is… although you’ve got the DVRs and all that. 

Right now, the Trump administration wants to get a budget that includes funding for the wall, and of course the Democrats don’t want that. So, this is a real interesting situation—how they’re going to get a budget passed, because if they don’t, the government is supposed to shut down on Friday.

This always happens. You’ve heard it a million times.

They’ll get an extension. 

But they’re trying to get money aside to build the wall. We all remember the Trump campaign promise, well, Mexico will pay for the wall—they’re not going to pay for it up front.

I told you then, I’ll tell you now: it’s going to be a tax on Mexico in some way, shape, or form that’s going to reimburse the U.S.A.

But first, the money has to be allocated by Congress to build the wall and it’s expensive. So that’s an ongoing story this week. 

You also have new definition—and this is very, very big—on the healthcare, the Trump healthcare, what that’s going to be, and proposed tax cuts. I’m hearing that’s going to come Wednesday. 

One of the reasons that Donald Trump’s approval ratings aren’t higher is because people are looking for him to fulfill campaign promises like the revocation of Obamacare, and a new replacement that’s better.

That hasn’t happened. 

And the big one—and this really the key to Donald Trump’s whole presidency—is this tax cut. What’s it going to look like? If we get an unveiling this week, that’s going to be big. And I can’t give you any advance. I might have something tomorrow; I might, we are working on it. We might have something tomorrow, but we don’t have anything right now.

Now as some of you know, I was over in Europe last week, in Italy, a great vacation, and we were watching the French presidential election. This is really very interesting, because it has to do with extremism. And of course, extremism hurts America as well as every other country in the world.  

So, the right-wing populist candidate, Marine Le Pen, came in second. Unheard of three years ago. She was a fringe. And a centrist businessman named Emmanuel Macron came in first. They now run against each other on May 7th. 

Now, Macron is going to win because Le Pen, her people are jazzed, but there’s just not enough of them. Macron will get from the other candidates who lost, he’ll take from them. So he’ll win. But the message is that even the French, primarily social Democrats, they’ve had it with the extremism. 10% of the French population is now Muslim, and they live together, they don’t blend. I’m generally speaking now. And inside that 10%, maybe a half a percent are extremists, but they have a good place to hide, and they can cause a lot of damage as they do.

The French people are furious.

In Italy, it was interesting because wherever we went, particularly in Rome, there were Special Forces, Italian Special Forces, heavily armed. Armored cars, we’re talking about around the Colosseum and all the tourist places because they don’t want the terrorists to drive trucks in. Everywhere you looked there were Special Forces in Italy, and there really hasn’t been a terrorist incident in Italy.

But they’re all over the place

So, Europe has changed and it’s a scary thing. 

The next story that caught my eye concerns our pal, Ann Coulter.

She is supposed to speak at UC Berkeley–a place I would never in a million years go to. That means that Ann Coulter is a much braver person than I am. She’s set to speak there, but they don’t want her to speak there—the snowflakes, you know. 

The Berkeley College Republican Club is threating to sue the university for violation of freedom of speech if Ms. Coulter does not appear. Because the dodge that the colleges use is that they cancel the event due to “security concerns.” 

This Republican club isn’t buying it.

They’re saying that if she doesn’t appear, we’re going to file a lawsuit. Interesting, very, very interesting. 

I fear for Ann’s safety and for others, conservative people primarily. I fear for their safety. As I said, I would not do this thing even if invited, because I know the danger, not just to me, it’s not about me, but to other people. These people on the far left are really insane and dangerous.

Even Bernie Sanders came out and said, hey this is wrong, let Ann Coulter speak. 

Sanders, I never had a problem with him as a guy. You know, obviously he’s a socialist and will never answer questions about places like Venezuela, things like that. So, he doesn’t earn my respect in that arena, but I don’t think he’s a bad guy. And I think he’s got a clear vision of right and wrong. 

Finally, President Obama resurfacing in Chicago, holding some discussions.

And he’s good at that. The former president is really, really good at discussing things. 

Now, the violence in Chicago is down a little bit from year to year, down from last year, but still horrendous, horrible. Murders all over the place, shootings all over the place. But the president is going in there, the former president, I don’t want you to get mixed up with Trump, they’re going to discuss things. 

Ok, does anybody out there think anything is ever going to happen from these discussions? Anyone? 

I think someday Barack Obama is going to be President of the United Nations. I think he’s going to run that place. Because that’s what they do. They discuss

So, welcome back, Mr. Obama, from your South Pacific vacation. I hope your discussions are fruitful, but I’m going to point everybody to a story I have in my book Old School, and thank you very much for supporting that book. Enormous success, number one all over the place. 

I write about My Brother’s Keeper program–which I thought was an excellent, excellent initiative by the Obama administration –  and how I got involved with it, and tried to raise them tens of millions of dollars, but got stonewalled.

It’s a fascinating story in Old School. You might want to check that out

Okay! So, let’s wrap things up with the message boards. People writing in, we want to encourage that. We’ll do it every day. Whatever you want to know, I’ll try to answer. 

The first comes from Dozier, that’s an interesting name: Is Premium Membership going to continue? What about the No Spin Tours? 

Yes. And Premium Membership is skyrocketing. Thousands of people signed up when we announced we’re going to do these broadcasts every night.

That’s going to be the basis of our presentation going forward.

The tours are selling briskly. Great Father’s and Mother’s Day gifts. We’ll see everybody in Baltimore at the Royal Farms Arena on Friday, September 22nd. Tampa the next night, Saturday, September 23rd. VIP seats already sold out in Tampa, that’s at the Amalie Arena. 

Then we’re going out to Caesars Palace in Vegas on December 15th, a great early Christmas gift. VIP seats sold out in Caesars Palace already, wow.

The next night, the big one, Anaheim, California at the Honda Center, huge venue. VIP seats sold out, but plenty of good seats remain on December 16th in Anaheim, California. 

So, the tour goes on, it’s blast, you’ll love it. 

What else do we have to tell you…oh, I want to read more mail. I almost lost my train of thought there.

When you go on vacation for ten days, you’re kind of foggy coming back.

This is from John: It was definitely “Old School” to wish Fox News the best.

Look, I was there for twenty years and six months. We made history, put cable news on the map and were successful all that time. No ebb and flow, just straight up graph. You know, that vehicle was fabulous for me and I said in the beginning that I’m sad, but why wouldn’t I wish them the best? They were there, we performed well for them, and that’s the fact. 

Kevin: I live in Indonesia and had to buy a special satellite dish so I could watch The Factor, now I’ve become a Premium Member so I can keep up with the real news. You’re costing me money, Bill. 

Look, Kevin, we love you in Indonesia, ok? But $50 for Premium Membership? You get a free book! Ok, so that cuts in half. Then you get humongous discounts on all our great stuff if you go to the store. And we ship to Indonesia, so you make it up. It’s almost free. But I appreciate your loyalty over there. Stay safe. 

Here’s Richard, he says that: I may not always agree with you O’Reilly, but I always find you compelling, and I’m going to keep hearing from you so I’ve signed up for Premium Membership. 

Well, I appreciate that, Richard. When you disagree with me – and this is very important for all the listeners –  please post on the Message Boards. Let me know. I’m not always right. We like to hear from you guys, you’re the bedrock of the country. I’m just the messenger. 

Susan, this is really a good post, Susan, Sunrise Beach, Missouri. She says: Drain the swamp was my favorite campaign promise, don’t know how our president can do it, but I say term limits are the answer. Supreme Court, retire at seventy-five. Congress, three terms of two years. Senators, two terms. No pensions. No more voting on your raises. No more government healthcare. No more special rules. 

I like it. I like it, Susan. I think term limits should be instituted.

Now, if Trump tries that he’s going to get hammered because of course special interests in congress don’t want that. But I think it’s noble and I think your post was excellent. 

Finally, I’m going to go to Rambo. Now Rambo lives in Bend, Oregon. This is perfect, Bend and Rambo. There’s a lot of forests out there in Oregon, I used to work in Portland. A lot of room to roam, Rambo.

He says: Bernie Sanders is now being called the new champion of the Marxist mafia. How in the greatest capitalist country, the most prosperous county ever, does such a person exist? 

That’s a good question, Rambo.

Bernie exists because there is a segment of the American population, perhaps 25%, maybe lower, that don’t believe in capitalism, that don’t want to compete in the marketplace.

They want everything laid out, cradle to grave. They want the government to run the show, okay?

So with 20-25% of the people thinking that way, and it’s more in certain states like Vermont, where Sanders is from, and there’s more in California, more in Massachusetts.

Elizabeth Warren could never get elected anywhere south of the Mason-Dixon Line. 

You can prosper if you pick your location. Socialism is a disaster, alright? When I was in Italy, I had some guys taking us around, and all of them said, we don’t work more than thirty, thirty-five hours a week because it’s not worth it, over a certain amount the government takes it all.

And of course, they wanted to be paid off the books. I felt bad for them. I felt bad for the younger people, it robs them of incentive in Italy because you earn over a certain amount of money, and the government is in for 90% of it. 

Who’s going to do that? Nobody does that. So therefore, the incentive to develop, the incentive to succeed, the incentive to hustle, it’s all gone. That’s what Bernie stands for. But some people buy it.

So I hope you enjoyed the first edition of the No Spin News, and I hope it wasn’t boring. If we can improve it, let us know in the Message Boards, because we are ramping up this week. And, you know, this is all new, and we’ll get better, and we’ll get pithier, and we’ll have a lot of fun going forward.

Thank you for your loyalty, and for being Premium Members.

I’m Bill O’Reilly, and we’ll talk to you again tomorrow at 7:00 Eastern Time. 

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