Historic SpaceX Launch Scrubbed Due To Inclement Weather

SpaceX Falcon-9 Rocket And Crew Dragon Capsule Prepares To Launch From Cape Canaveral Sending Astronauts To The International Space Station

SpaceX was forced to call off the historic launch of the company's first manned spaceflight due to inclement weather. SpaceX was hoping to become the first commercial aerospace company to ferry passengers to the International Space Station. The rocket was ready to go, and the decision to scrub the launch was made about 15 minutes before the scheduled lift-off.

NASA astronauts Robert Behnken, 49, and Douglas Hurley, 53 were sitting in the Crew Dragon spacecraft when they learned that the launch had been called off. The two will have to wait in the cockpit while the rocket's fuel is unloaded, a process that will take about 40 minutes.

NASA and SpaceX said they will try again on Saturday (May 30) at 3:22 p.m. ET

Photo: Getty Images

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