9-Foot Alligator Shows Up at Florida Families' Doorstep on Thanksgiving

A nine-foot alligator crashed a Fort Myers family Thanksgiving this year and must have wanted to stay for dessert - it put up quite a fight when Florida Fish and Wildlife showed up to remove it. 

"He was hissing and swinging his tail around," Fort Myers resident Chhaa Behary said.

Chhaa Behary told CBS in Miami. "I looked through the window, and sure enough, there's a gigantic alligator, and his tail was just smacking my door. It was intense." She thinks he may have stopped by after smelling the turkey dinner. 

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission were quick to the scene after receiving the call, they arrived in just 20 minutes. While trying to wrangle the gator, potted plants and part of the home's landscape were destroyed. 

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