Amazon Alexa Ruins Christmas for 10-Year-Old Girl By Exposing Surprise Gift

A British family blames an Amazon Alexa device for exposing their Christmas surprise. The device announced that a specific present was delivered to the home, one that was meant to be opened on Christmas morning.

When the family returned home, Alexa was blinking a yellow light signifying that she has a message. The family played the message, which announced, ‘Parcel arriving — Instax.' Instax is a polaroid-type camera that they planned to give their 10-year-old daughter as a Christmas surprise.

“I think Alexa has turned into the Christmas Grinch,” the mom, Lizzy Nuttall said. “Now we’ll have to get another gift because she hasn’t got a surprise.”

A spokesperson from Amazon said that the beginning on November 17th, Alexa would stop revealing the names of items likely to be gifts. Nuttall says she wants to warn other parents about this mishap so that they can stay out of similar situations.

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