Bill Filed to Legalize Sports Betting in Florida

A bill was filed Monday that would legalize sports betting in the state of Florida for anyone 21 or older. Florida Politics reports that Sen. Jeff Brandes filed bill SB 968, which includes guidelines for regulating sports betting and limitations on who can place a bet to avoid unfair advantages.

Nineteen states have already passed similar laws surrounding the regulation of sports betting after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled last year to legalize sports wagering. 

“This legislation creates a legal framework in which Floridians can choose how to spend their time and money, without the worry of being criminalized,” Brandes said. 

Brandes’ bill imposes strict limits on who, when, and where sports bets may be placed. For example, people who work for a sports organization may be barred from placing bets since they could potentially have access to information that would give them an unfair advantage. 

Brandes claims that the legalization of sports betting could significantly improve our state economy, as illegal sports betting is a $150 billion a year underground industry. All revenue generated from placing legal bets would be taxable and could be used as additional funding for public schools, college scholarships, and educational services throughout the stat.

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