Mold Continues to Be an Issue for Families at MacDill Air Force Base

10 News investigative reporter Courtney Robinson joined PM Tampa Bay to discuss the ongoing mold problem affecting military families living at MacDill Air Force Base. Approximately 17% of families living on base have reported issues involving mold.

The problem isn't with the Air Force itself, but with a third-party private housing company. A company called Harbor Bay built and owns the homes. The Michaels Organization is the parent company of Michaels Management Services, which handles all maintenance and leasing for these homes at MacDill Air Force Base.

Many families report that when leaks or mold-causing concerns were reported, the issue itself would be addressed, but there would be no fix or clean up for the areas exposed to water and moisture. Some families even report working with Harbor Bay on mold remediation, before being told that mold was still present by outside inspection companies.

For more information on Harbor Bay and The Michaels Organization, or to contact them with your thoughts on their role in this issue, go to these sites:

Since reporting by local news outlets made these issues public, Harbor Bay maintenance has worked to address mold in base housing by installing dehumidifiers in homes with mold problems. They've also offered to find temporary housing for families who have mold in their home. Finally, they've hired an industrial hygienist to check to ensure that the mold is properly removed, and the home is safe for occupants.

For more on what Courtney Robinson discovered through her reporting, listen to the podcast of the interview below. You'll also find a podcast of an interview with former Tampa Bay Times military reporter Howard Altman on this same issue.

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