White Claw Dealing With Nationwide Shortage

Look out America: Reports show that were are amid a White Claw shortage. White Claw has quickly become one of the most popular brands of hard seltzer. CNN reports that the company is currently working on getting stock back up, but didn't have a time frame for when that would be.

Blame the shortage on the company's newfound success. At this time, White Claw is unable to meet demands for the product. According to data collected by Nielsen, the company's sales skyrocketed over the past year by about 300-percent. In July of this year, sales reached $327.7 million.

Though there are many other brands of hard seltzer like Truly or Bon & Viv, White Claw made up 55% of all spiked seltzer sales last year.

Part of the popularity comes from the easy to drink nature of the beverage, as well as it's low calorie, low sugar, and low carb nutrition label.

As of now, you should still be able to find the beverage on store shelves. Sanjiv Gajiwala, Senior Vice President of Marketing at White Claw, told Business Insider, "We have been allocating product to our distributor partners to keep all markets in stock the best we can and will continue to do so until we get back to our normal safety stock position."

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