Florida Man Suggests Dumping Ice to Stop Hurricane Dorian

In the midst of Hurricane Dorian, one Florida Man had a foolproof(?) plan to stop the storm in its tracks: throwing ice into the eye of the hurricane.

He has more than just that one idea, though. He also suggests wind force to move the storm elsewhere. "Drive some Air Force planes around to get the winds going the other way. The Navy to go in circles, to fight it the other way," he tells the camera.


This Floridian isn't the first to come up with an unconventional way to rid the United States of a storm. During Hurricane Irma, so many people suggested shooting the hurricane to make it turn around, that the Pasco Sheriff's Office had to send an official tweet warning against it.


For updates on the storm and to hear what Florida officials have to say about Hurricane Dorian, head to our iHeart Radio Operation Stormwatch page.

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