Survey Finds Floridians, Millennials Least Likely to Evacuate During Storm

A Travelers Insurance study found that Floridians, millennials, and men were the groups most likely to ignore evacuation orders in advance of a major storm. The study included interviews with 100 people from hurricane-prone areas of the nine most hurricane-prone states.

While 93% of millennials said they understood the risks associated with not evacuating, compared to Gen Xers and baby boomers, they were the generation most likely to ignore evacuation orders. The study also found that men were twice as likely as women to ignore evacuation orders.

The percentage of residents who said they would ignore evacuation orders:

  • Florida: 30%
  • Texas Gulf Coast: 25%
  • Louisiana: 24%
  • South Carolina: 20%
  • North Carolina: 17%
  • Virginia: 13%
  • Alabama/Mississippi: 12%
  • Georgia: 8%

A National Hurricane Survival Initiative survey in 2018 found one in five Floridians would not evacuate their homes if a Category 3 or 4 hurricane was headed in their direction.

Image courtesy of NOAA

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