Hurricane-Themed Publix Cake Draws Criticism Online Ahead of Dorian

Pictures began to emerge yesterday on social media of a hurricane-themed Publix cookie cake, which according to the grocery store chain, were made by individual locations. Some Publix stores created similar treats back in 2017 before the arrival of Hurricane Irma. Those items elicited some adverse reactions, as have the new Dorian-themed cakes.

However, while some commenters on social media were unhappy with cookie cake and accused Publix of trying to profit off a potentially deadly storm, others thought the outrage was unwarranted.

Publix responded via their @PublixHelps account on Twitter with this statement: "Hi, thank you for your feedback on the cakes. It is never our goal to offend anyone with the products we offer and I apologize that we let you down. Individual locations did make some of the hurricane cakes you’ve seen and I will personally share your feedback on this cake design."


Screenshot via Twitter

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