Ken Hagan in Favor of Building New Tampa Ballpark, Even for Split-Season

Commissioner Ken Hagan still has high hopes of building a stadium for the Tampa Bay Rays in Ybor City. Many thought this idea was squashed months ago, but Hagan says it is still possible. The problem? It may come at a hefty price tag for locals, and still involve a split-season with Montreal.

“As a fan, I don’t like the split-season concept. However, if it provides an opportunity for Tampa to get back at the table with the team, to negotiate with the Rays, then it’s something we should consider,” said Hagan.

Hagan hopes to create an entire entertainment district surrounding the Rays ballpark and says it can be built through a public-private partnership. Revenue would also be raised through a property tax as well as a tax on food, drink and sports tickets.

For more on this story and other updates on the future of the Tampa Bay Rays, check out the original story from the Tampa Bay Times.

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