Florida Bird Sets a Good Example for Humans

A bird, native only to Florida, could have a lesson for all of humanity.

Researchers from the Archbold Biologoical Station in Florida recently studied the Florida scrub jay and made some fascinating discoveries about their unique behavior.

The research team found that the birds are naturally monogamous and are comitted to raising a family. And they don't like to be empty nesters. Many of their off-spring stay at mom and dad's nest longer than other species. The older offspring are referred to as "helpers."

From StudyFinds.org: "The study’s authors examined the social lives and behaviors of Florida scrub jays in 2018, a year that for whatever reason, saw these birds have unusually low reproductive success. Many breeders ended up not nesting at all that year, and the ones that did began later than normal. Here’s where things get interesting: due to this lack of reproductive success, breeders in 2018 started socializing more often with more birds, acting essentially like helpers. The breeders didn’t have any young to care for, or in many cases a nest at all, so instead they decided to socialize more outside of their immediate circle."

Image courtesy Getty

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