Want More Trump-Destroying-CNN memes? We've Got Plenty!

More than fireworks and barbecues, all anyone in the mainstream media wanted to talk about during the long weekend leading into July 4th was the video meme that President Trump retweeted on his personal page which showed a clip of his performance from WrestleMania 23 where he took out WWE boss (and husband of Trump's Small Business Secretary) Vince McMahon

The CNN logo superimposed on McMahon's head to make it look like Trump was taking down the network he has been battling throughout his Presidency and on the campaign trail before that. This led to several suit dummies at the "Clinton News Network" to opine that Trump was inciting violence against Democat apologists journalists, a claim that would stand out as ridiculous if not for the other things said on that channel lately.

Relax Cuomo, pro wrestling is just some good old fashioned family fun. Not nearly as disgusting as the image of Trump suffering a similar fate as several innocent Americans have at the hands of ISIS terrorists or vulgar as what has been said by other modern heroes of the left on network television.

As a matter of fact, more people seem to have a problem with how CNN has seemingly scared off the creator of the video clip and have unleashed their own creative compositions showing more suffering for the network... enjoy:

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