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How the left's DANGEROUS LIES may lead to WORLD CHAOS soon

The far left (looking at you, New York Times) completely LIED about the message Glenn gave listeners in the days before January 6th, 2021. And the left — which Glenn says has been TAKEN OVER by radical Marxists looking to destroy our country — has continued to outright LIE to the American people for the last several years about every single newsworthy topic. Those lies are becoming more and more dangerous. Because the left's current lies about energy could result in MASSIVE starvation around the world…which Glenn predicts could happen in places like Africa in the next two years: ‘You have no idea what's about to hit you, guys. You have no idea.’

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STU: There is that weird attention span thing, that I think if we came up with a way to solve it, our society would be in a much better place.

The stories that come up. They're the biggest story in the world. We have an opinion on it. They have an opinion on it. And then it just kind of goes away. It's like the transitory inflation thing.

Like, that was a big story. We kept saying, it's not transitory. Then it was just settled. But there was never a point where people said, oh, well, Glenn Beck really nailed that one. That doesn't happen.

If it would just happen --

GLENN: You know why? Because we're all Dory the goldfish.

We're all Dory.

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: What were we talking about?

STU: I will say, I do have young children. But I don't quite -- she was forgetful, right?

Was that it?

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: She had short-term memory problems. Is that it?

GLENN: Yeah. I have short-term memory problems. Hey, I'm Dory. I have short-term memory problems. That's the way it happened over and over again --

STU: Okay. Sara is saying she's not a goldfish.

GLENN: She's not a goldfish. She's a whatever fish. She's a cartoon, Sara. Let it go.

STU: The point though, is that if that would be -- like, there are certain things that we can all talk about, that would really improve our society. Man, that would be a great one.

GLENN: It would be.

STU: Just like, okay. Hey, everyone. Let's look back at that thing that we were all talking about incessantly, three months ago. And how did that turn out? And how should we adjust the -- our perception of the next story, based on what we learned?

Wouldn't that be really interesting?

Wouldn't it be great, if our society could do that?

GLENN: It would be interesting too, if somebody just had a sense of memory in themselves.

But I don't think people see the -- I just don't think they see the hypocrisy in themselves. Making such a big deal of calling for violence, on January 6th.

Use me as an example. The New York Times used me as the prime example.

STU: Oh. This is so frustrating.

GLENN: Of January 6th.

And that's not what I said. Here's what the New York Times -- two days before a mob and Trump supporters invaded the United States capitol, upending the nation's peaceful transition of power, leaving five people dead. The right-wing radio star, Glenn Beck, delivered a message to his flock, of 10.5 million listeners. It's time to fight. It's time to rip and claw and rake, Beck said. It's time to go to war, as the left went to war, four years ago.

Now, as the left went to war, four years ago. Clear what I said. But not in this particular context.

We talked to the New York Times, for a week leading up to this article, we gave them the tapes. We told them exactly what it was.

We gave them the actual quotes.

They refused to print them. Until a correction two days later. Mr. Beck did not lobby for his listeners to invade the capitol. And a day later, he urged marchers to kind of channel your inner Martin Luther King. Just adding that violence is just not who we've ever been. But the language he used on his January 4th show, was typical aggressively rhetoric.

STU: I mean, you guys blue this. You should have given him the January 6th show, where he specifically said not to even go to the event. This is before it was a riot. We were just like, look. There could be problems. And I don't think it's a good idea, to even go to the January 6th rally.

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: And, oh, that's right. You did give them that. And they do put that in at all. And decided to skip the January 5th show. To include the January 4th show, where you weren't talking about going to the riot. Or the rally.

GLENN: Right. And the other was the January 6th transcript. Also.

STU: Right. Where you said, what was going on, was terrible.

GLENN: Anyway, so I'm looking at my tweets, from January 6th. I'm looking at other people, that have tweeted, on January 6th. And it's -- it's quite amazing how all of these people -- all of these people. Here's Ted Cruz. Those storming the Capitol, need to stop now. The Constitution protects peaceful protest, but violence from the left and right, is always wrong. So they need to stop now. And it's always wrong.

And yet, Ted Cruz, you know, he's a maniac. But look at what, you know, Lightfoot is saying up in Chicago. Look that President Biden is not condemning the, I believe, terrorist activities. Of those who are marching -- I mean, what is the definition of terrorism?

It's to -- it's to get a political viewpoint, changed into the favor of the people, causing terror.

STU: Hmm.

GLENN: Well, if I'm in one of those houses with the Supreme Court. Or even in the neighborhood. I feel terrorized.

STU: 100 percent what it is.

GLENN: It is.

STU: We should remind people, that this has not even occurred yet. These -- these protests. This, you know, firebombing of pro-life centers, is occurring before the ruling has come out. It's not even official. It was a draft. We had no idea what it would look like. It could overturn Roe vs. Wade.

It might change. We have no idea.

GLENN: Right. So during the protest on January 6th. Here's what Kevin McCarthy, that radical extremist, this is what he said. What is unfolding is unacceptable and un-American. It has to stop. Hmm. Because that's weird.

I haven't heard the White House. Say these things. Why?

We know why. And it's about time America starts just feeling comfortable saying it. Because the Democratic Party has been taken over by absolute radical Marxists. Who are looking to destroy our country and our unity.

That's what's happening. And I don't put all of Democrats into that. I think a lot of Democrats, you know, just look at the Democratic Party as the Democratic Party used to be. And a lot of people are just getting their -- their news from, oh, I don't know. Twitter. Facebook. TikTok. And they don't realize what's about to happen. And so they'll just listen to more of these lies.

You can't lie. The way this administration lies. I mean, don't get me wrong.

There's lots of times, that I would watch Donald Trump. And I would be like, that's not right. No. That's not right. But Donald Trump -- and it's not whataboutism, at all. He shouldn't have done it. I wish he wouldn't have. But, you know, with Donald Trump, you know that going in. You know that going in.

As anybody believed that everything he has ever built is actually the most luxurious. The best of fill in the blank, ever.

STU: How dare you. How dare you. You typical anti-Trump extremist.

GLENN: I know. I know.

STU: But he's -- he describes that process in his book. I read the Art of the Deal. When I was 12. And he goes through that specifically.

He talks about how you -- you exaggerate knowingly, it's just part of the process. It's part of how you do it. And you have to look at everything he says, in that context. Because usually, there's some sort of negotiation, behind it.

That's usually the way he works. And that's okay.

You know, I think we all understand that with Donald Trump. You know, we're told, these other guys are nothing, but truth-tellers. And man, if I don't see as much exaggeration from them, as we see from Donald Trump.

GLENN: No. And I also see actual dangerous lies. What we're doing, with oil and gas. Is not affecting this at all. This is all Putin. That's a dangerous lie.

STU: Uh-huh. That one in particular, bizarre. Because he went to his own voters. And said, to elect me, I will stop fossil fuels in ten years. Right?

Like, I will -- I will not do all these crazy things to expand fossil fuel use. Then he comes about a to the American people, when their gas prices are high. And say, I have done nothing to affect these prices. I've done nothing to affect the supply.

In fact, we have more supply than ever. And it's just these oil companies, that just won't pump the oil, and then he goes back to his side. And says, these oil companies. All they want to do is pump oil. Because they're so greedy. I mean, he's saying the exact opposite. Of --

GLENN: I know because -- because --

STU: And no one calls him on it.

GLENN: And this is the problem. We have an opportunity to get out of this right now.

We could supply the world with oil and energy. We could supply our farmers, with oil and energy.

But we choose not to. So we're going to go through really tough times. Mark this down on your calendar.

I believe in the next two years, we're going to see massive starvation. Hopefully within not in this hemisphere.

But absolutely, positively, for sure. We will see starvation, like we haven't seen perhaps even in our lifetime.

Massive starvation. And that's not counting what won't be seen in the China. But on the African continent. And here's the worst part of it: We all know it's coming. Anybody who is paying attention, knows it's coming. And what are we doing about it? We're intentionally sabotaging our own farmers, and our own energy system opinion

So when the time comes, when all of these people are starving, remember, it was the conservatives, who were standing up. Going, guys. You are going to kill people with this.

You're going to be responsible for the deaths of millions. We are not going to be in the position to help like we have in the past. And that is the biggest American tragedy. Oh, and, by the way, other countries south of our border, will also be starving. And how are we going to help them?

Or will we just allow them to come across and help themselves? This -- we are setting ourselves up for something beyond the Great Depression. I just hope that those within the sound of my voice are taking this next election seriously. And I say that, thank many people in the Senate and Congress listen to this program.

You have no idea, what's about to hit you, guys. You have no idea. We have got to start -- where is the plan from the Republicans?

Where is it?

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