Outdoor Ice Skating Rink In South Florida? Here's How It Will Work

People ice skating on the ice rink in winter.

Photo: M-Production / iStock / Getty Images

Outdoor ice skating in South Florida? It's about to become a thing.

The City of West Palm Beach has approved the opening of a seasonal ice rink outdoors from November to March.

The proposal came from The Ben Autograph Collection hotel located downtown.

Management will coordinate activities with the city, which has its own holiday events. An open space along Banyan Boulevard can fit a rink to accomodate nearly 80 skaters.

So how does a giant slab of ice keep from melting, even in the winter in South Florida? External machinery will be used to keep it frozen without the need for loud generators.

Preliminary pricing runs from $15 to $25, with discounts for students and seniors. Though those prices are subject to change.

The idea is not new, seasonal outdoor ice skating already happens in Orlando and Tampa.

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