Man Survives 60-Foot Fall From Tree At Florida Spring With Minor Injuries

Vernon, FL - A man attempting a high jump from a tree at a Florida swimming hole miraculously escaped the 60-foot fall with only minor injuries.

The daring jump a popular swimming spot in Vernon took an unexpected turn for Christopher James Sikes Smalley, but luckily, he walked away with only minor injuries.

Smalley was preparing to take a dive from a high branch at Crystal Springs when the branch gave way, sending him plummeting 60 feet into the creek below.

Dramatic footage captured Smalley break another branch on his descent before landing in the water.

Smalley admitted the fall was a wake-up call, tells ABC 7 News "It all happened so fast. I heard the crack and knew things were getting serious. This was my first time jumping from that high up."

Smalley typically uses a lower branch for his jumps, but decided to take a risk this time.

Despite the fall, Smalley escaped with just bruises on his legs and feet, and no broken bones were reported.

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