New Way To Report Crimes Online With PBSO

PBSO Online Reporting System

Photo: CBS 12

More details about a new online police reporting system to get pertinent information to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw explains the reason behind the creation of the Citizens Online Reporting System. He tells us it not only makes it easier for us to report non-emergencies but also helps keep deputies available for emergencies.

"If we can take a report over the phone or over online where a deputy doesn't have to go spend time doing it, then that deputy is free to go do something else proactively to prevent crime."

To be eligible to report an incident must not be an emergency, 911 is always best for those, it also should have taken place in areas served by the Sheriff's Office, including unincorporated areas of the county and cities under PBSO's jurisdiction.

Reports should not include incidents taking place on I-95 or the Turnpike.

"It's for very minor things that happen out here that don't necessitate a deputy standing there and taking a report."

He gives some examples...

"You know it's like 'I lost my wallet. I was at the mall and I want to report it in case somebody finds it.' There's no use sending a deputy to the house of somebody to take that, they can take that online. Very minor parking lot traffic accidents can be taken like that because that's just an insurance issue when you get right down to it."

Things like vandalism or civil matters could also be reported through the system.

Reporters will be contacted by phone or through a scheduled video call and be able to receive an official case number.

Click Here for the reporting site.

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