Fort Pierce Judge Doesn't Dismiss Trump Docs Case But Struck A Paragraph

Photo: AFP via Getty Images

A Fort Pierce federal judge has denied another defense request to dismiss some of the charges against former President Trump in his classified documents case but she struck a paragraph from the indictment.

Judge Aileen Cannon on Monday ruled that jurors will not take into consideration a paragraph that focuses on allegations from 2021 that Trump showed a classified map of a foreign country to a representative of a political action committee while discussing a military operation he said was not going well.

The defense says that paragraph is prejudicial because it includes information that is not relevant to the indictment. Cannon agreed that the language's inclusion in charging documents was "not appropriate" and she told special counsel Jack Smith and his team that they should not have included it in the indictment language. The judge called it "legally unnecessary to serve the function of an indictment."

Trump is accused of bringing classified documents home to Mar-a-Lago from the White House and then ignoring requests to hand them over.

Cannon last month postponed the trial indefinitely. It was originally set to start May 20th.

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